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Good practice

In the Higher School of Transport “Todor Kableshkov” – Sofia there are many courses for students as well as for external participants, for example teachers in vocational high schools. The program products are used in different fields, as students from 7 professional fields (NX, Solid Edge, CAM Express, Revit, GIS and many others) are trained in the VTU.

For modern engineers, the knowledge of using computer equipment in design is not only useful but also necessary. The course examines the main features of the systems. For example, in a Solid Edge CAD course, the modeling of details. modeling of assembled units as well as documentation, data exchange, data management of the product are considered. In the modeling module, basic parametric solid state modeling, surface generation, modeling of thin-walled parts and ribs, plastic products are considered. Synchronous technology, which combines the benefits of modeling with history and direct