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On December 10, 2020, we discussed how CNC CAD-CAM modules and videos should be made to the platform. Eight partner institutions of our project participated in the Zoom online meeting chaired by the project coordinator Mehmet ÇİÇEK. At the meeting, Project Coordinator Mehmet ÇİÇEK stated that when the link of the uploaded videos was clicked, he quit the platform and opened as a youtube video. He said this is not good. The following decisions were taken during the meeting, which lasted about 5 hours.

The following decisions were taken at the meeting.

1.By the end of December, Dario will finish the module installation

  1. By the end of January, the 4th Module will be installed by Dario
    3. It will be sent by AIJU as a video on how to upload (how to upload video and modules to the platform).
  2. Tekyaz / İosb will deliver related videos to Dario for the 4th Module. (IOSB School has not purchased any parts yet, the Coordinator informed the IOSB institution that this work should be done immediately.)
  3. AIJU confirms that the platform automatically translates into other languages. We will be able to see this after all uploads are finished.
  4. On the platform, the student will receive a notification about what he / she is staying in or this will be evident with another sign.
  5. Coordinator Mehmet ÇİÇEK will forward the web page password to AIJU for the platform domain name change. AIJU will inform us after the check.