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a) Labour market in Spain
According to data from April 11th 2019, the sector of machining and
metalworking transformation increased by 6.3% in 2018, reaching for the group of
companies which forms the AFMEC (Spanish association of Machining and
Metalworking Transformation) association a total turnover exceeding 651 million
euros, compared to 612.42 million registered in 2017.

The growth of the turnover has varied among the subsectors of AFMEC, being
4.1% for the subsector of machining, 9.2% for the subsector of the, and 14.1% for the
boiler and deformation subsector.

In the words of Alberto Pérez, President of AFMEC: “It has been a good year for
the machining sector in which we have grown globally by 6.3%, with an average
turnover per company of more than 3.7 million euros”.

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