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a) Labour market in Turkey.
One of the major factors restricting the growth potential in Turkey is the difficulties faced by
the private sector in finding qualified labour. According to the TUIK facts, the unemployment rate in

Turkey is 11.3% in September beginning from 2016. This rate is even more severe in unemployment of the youth, being at 19.9% level among the young aged between 15-24. According to the OECD data, approximately 29% of the young (aged between 15-29) in Turkey neither receives education

nor works anywhere as 2015. And Turkey is at the top of OECD countries due to this rate.

In an environment where the education and employment level is so low amongst the young
population, it is seen on the website of Turkish Employment Agency that there are more than 16
thousand open positions. Considering the unemployment and level of open provision rates, it can be
stated that some rates of such unemployment are caused due to the fact that the demands of
employers and abilities of the people participating in labour market are not matched.