Our local partners in Turkey on January 20, 2020 BAŞAKŞEHİR, TEKYAZ and İOSB, the agenda set out below, will convene a meeting in TEKYAZ company.

Hello, friends tomorrow (January 18, 2020) our meeting agenda;
Information and dissemination activities;

  1. WEB site promotion,
  2. IO2 Intellectual output (Module and Videos)
    • a. Muhmmed Polat will present the module and video works,
    • b. Evaluation of the work done for IO2
  3. IO3 Intellectual output (Modules and videos),
    • a. Mrs. Esra will present her video works,
    • b. Module studies and evaluation of Croatia,
    • c. Evaluation of studies for IO3,
  4. Monitoring and evaluation activities,
  5. Planning

Mehmet Cicek