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18 September 2019

** On 18.09.2019 Another meeting was held with local partners for the CNC CAD-CAM project with the following agenda items and concluded. The decisions taken in our meeting are in our attached file. **


  1. Evaluation of O2 and O3 studies and Sample applications,
  2. Dissemination studies;
  3. Preparations for the second interim report and the work done;
  4. International Spain meeting,
  5. Flight ticket reservation,
  6. Evaluation;


  1. Başakşehir Vocational Training Center,
    Salih GÜNEŞ
    Mehmet Cicek
    Oktay KILIÇ
  2. TEKYAZ Technological Software
    Gönül ACAR-
  3. Special IOSB
    Eray ŞEKER
    Muhammed GÜNYÜZ